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Let's Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

Women's Rights ARE Civil Rights. Civil Rights ARE Equal Rights. "Come In & Learn Why Women Ought to Vote." Why? Because it it TIME to Elect our 1st Female President. This country owes Hillary Clinton an APOLOGY. THAT'S Why.

Understanding Healthcare Supplements

Gap Fillers. In a word, Healthcare Supplements are Gap Fillers. Whether Medicare Supplements, or Employee Benefit Supplements, the ENTIRE POINT OF SUPPLEMENTS are to pay Out-of-Pocket Expenses until the Deductible of a Health Plan is met & the plan begins to pay for Medical Services. Tom Price CLEARLY does NOT understand GAP FILLERS. It was STUNNING TO ME to watch Trump Administration Health & Human Services Secretary Tom Price sit there on ABC’s “This Week,” & have the NERVE to claim to understand how our Healthcare System works then complain about RISING DEDUCTIBLES. Supplements. Supplements. Supplements. Has the HHS Secretary ever heard of SUPPLEMENTS? I have done Medicare Supplements.

We ARE a Pre-Existing Condition Due to Medical Malpractice

My only Grandson had a procedure to open his intestines when he was 3 days old back in 2015 because he was unable to have a poopie diaper on his own. Three months after happily going home to a loving family, he got sick again. His pediatrician, instead of saying to herself, “This child has already had a surgical procedure, let’s admit him & do some tests,” diagnosed him with Lactose Intolerance. She then spent a couple weeks trying to alter the chemical composition of my daughter’s breast milk because the Pediatrician thought he was having allergic reactions to food in his mother’s diet. WHAT??? The main thing stopping us from suing the Pediatrician is that WHEN we get awarded a settlement,

Mortifying Lack of Decorum in the White House

Can we IMPEACH Donald Trump already? Just when we thought nothing could be any more humiliating than Donald Trump himself, enter his new Communications Director(???) Who speaks this way in public!!!??? The man who was brought in to help clean-up the mess in Trump’s Press Office sinks lower into the sewer than anyone thought possible. Is this how we want to be represented to the rest of the world??? Not the mention the distraction from taking care of the Nation’s business. Side Note: Thank God for John McCain, Lisa Murkowski & Susan Collins for saving our Obamacare.

L.I.S. Medicare Low Income Subsidy. A Republican Good Idea

Signed into law in 2003 by George W. Bush, the Medicare Modernization Act that created Medicare Advantage Plans & Medicare Prescription drug coverage included a provision in the Social Security Administration to help low income senior citizens pay for their drug coverage: LIS. So why the HYPOCRISY with the Democratic Good Idea to do the same for the rest of us? This is what the Medicaid Expansion in individual states did for the Healthcare Marketplace for Obamacare.

The LifeSaver Lady

Ah - the life of a Health Insurance Agent... 1099 Self Employed Freelancer. Be my own boss. The Freedom. The money. I must be raking in the dough, right? WRONG. 100% of the insurance industry is Risk Management - a gamble, depending on what side of the table you're sitting. The insurance companies are betting that you will stay healthy & will have very few claims. Fewer claims equals less money they have to pay out. You, the collective you are "what iffing" yourself to death thinking "What if... " "What if I get sick?" "What if I get hurt?" "Who's going to pay my doctor bills, my hospital bill, buy my prescriptions?" For me as an Agent, I am also managing the risk of covering you, the

Tort Reform in Medical Malpractice Suits Will Fix Rising Premiums

Here is something I wrote earlier this year for my personal Facebook Page. Don't Repeal Obamacare FIX IT. Here's How. Don’t Call It “Trump-Care” Caring does not hand people a death sentence. All 24 Million of us who were at risk for loss of Health Coverage are breathing easier now that the “American Health Care Act” has failed to pass - thanks to the so-called “Freedom Caucus.” Now is not the time to let our guards down & think they will just let the issue drop. The Republicans have vowed to put a new Health Plan on the table for a vote after the recent defeat of the American Health Care Act, provided they can reach a consensus in their own divided party. While Donald Trump may have a Pla

Healthcare. It's My Livelihood.

***Preface - Call your Senators if you haven't already done so. STOP THE REPEAL OF OBAMACARE. https://www.usa.gov/elected-officials I have been a Licensed Agent for 11 years. I was there for the roll-out of Obamacare & I’ve seen the systemic attempt to dismantle this life-saving national program. Despite all of our individual efforts as Agents to educate each & every enrollee during their Open Enrollment for Employee Benefits, there is confusion every year in the employees we sit with. Other than the Individual Mandate that people get coverage or pay a penalty, the overwhelming effect of Obamacare on Employee Benefits are positive, giving workers additional access to care they otherwise wo

The LifeSaver Lady: Coming Soon

As the National Healthcare debate with Obamacare rages on, watch this space for how I became this LifeSaver Lady & why this affects me personally AND professionally. Coming soon to a Blog near you. Stay tuned.

Communications Training Program

Get your copy of "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy:" How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office to answer the Question why "D. None of the above" is the correct answer. https://www.revolvingdoorhr.com/sex-and-toilet-training

Gaining the Right for Women to Vote Was Just the Beginning.....

We still have work to do. People may be surprised that the Equal Rights Amendment has still NOT BEEN RATIFIED into the Constitution. Stunning. This pictorial history of the Women's Rights Movement was compiled & edited as a conversation starter to inspire little girls to think of Politics as a viable Career choice. Buy the book here on Amazon to share with the little politicians-to-be in your life.

Corporate Culture of Misogyny at ICONIC American Brand

In 2016, realizing that Health Insurance wasn’t cutting it for me, I decided to go back to my Advertising roots. I accepted no less than 4 positions – essentially once every 3 months – each one more Hellish than the last. What a Misogynistic NIGHTMARE. Today’s story is about an Iconic American Advertising Brand as well known as Good Housekeeping or Better Homes & Gardens…..and no it wasn’t either of them. This is a company that has been around since the covered-wagon days, whose name implies hospitality, manners & etiquette. OMG. The new owner, a self-made-man who made his fortune in sales, had amassed enough wealth to purchase this advertising icon. My first official day, after a month of t

Just Added: Links & Resources

Connect. Shop. Learn. Grow with like-minded Feminist Resources & organizations from around the Web. New resources added often so check back for updates. https://www.revolvingdoorhr.com/feminist-resources-links-page

Stereotyping Individuals on the Fourth

So the Fourth of July has come & gone and none of us is so much worse for the wear except for the smell of smoke, I suppose. Depends on who you ask. If you ask me, I always smell like smoke: I smoke a LOT, so I always have that slightly singed feeling: smoky, but not burned. (Maybe one of these days I will stop smoking.) While I personally have never been fired for the July Fourth fireworks, I have seen & felt the INTENSITY of the panic in an office setting with regard to who will be. The entire office scrambling to make sure their NUMBERS are where they should be so as to escape the axe of fireworks wrath. It’s awful….. Everyone walking on eggshells proclaiming “Not Me!” You can bet the

Is Gender Bias a Thing?

Fireworks done. Grills extinguished. Dishes washed. It’s time to get back to work…..provided you didn’t get torched & run up the flagpole during all the July Fourth festivities…..or throw up your hands and quit in disgust & still have a job to go back to. Well, I still have my day job and my business and, and, and. Why do there never seem to be enough HOURS IN THE DAY? I’m quite sure I saw Lady Liberty weeping, “Happy Fourth of July.” Honestly, how did this long-standing tradition of ganging-up on the girls every July Fourth get started? https://www.revolvingdoorhr.com/buy-1984-on-amazon

"Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy" How to Tame the Red Carpet in Your Office

Publicly available for the first time, “Yes, I’d Like to Thank the Academy” was created to help Small Business Owners, Employees & Women in particular learn & understand why people in our modern society are at each other’s throats. For the Business Owner: A mere $15 investment can save your business $$$ thousands $$$ in having to “Hire, Train, Repeat” when employees quit &/or get fired. For the Employee: The same meager $15 investment can teach you how to deal with those impossible co-workers quibbling over whose turn it is to wash the breakroom coffee pot. For Women & the men who love them: $15 can help you deal with the stresses of making a living in today’s world & being a valuable add

Let Freedom Ring. Happy Independence Day from Revolving Door HR :)

The Fourth of July is the SINGLE MOST MISOGYNISTIC DATE on the American Holiday Calendar. I wonder who will be Bar-B-Qued, Grilled, Torched & Run Up the Flag Pole this year??? Thankfully - NOT me. I work for myself. July 4th is the celebration of the Birth of Our Nation. How did it become symbolic of a time to LIE ABOUT Women as a Class of people? To LIE TO Women as a CLASS of people??? If WOMEN don't have EQUAL RIGHTS in America, who is responsible for all that JULY FOURTH LYING? That's right. MEN. Learn to treat PEOPLE as INDIVIDUALS. Learn to treat INDIVIDUALS with RESPECT. Get "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office" here Shop NOW

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