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Help For Houston's Disabled Community on National Rare Diseases Day

Mothers of disabled children in Houston/Harris County are about to get some much-needed help in the form of Joycare Daycare, scheduled to open any day now. Still being impacted by the ripple effects of Hurricane Harvey, Joycare was slated to open just days before the massive storm took aim at the Texas Gulf Coast. Plagued by the backlog of delays with Building Permits from the over-worked, over-stressed, over-whelmed City of Houston Permitting Office and the scarcity of supplies due to the heavy demand for sheet rock & drywall & carpenters, have caused never-ending delays in their much-anticipated Grand Opening until now. We are over joyed that Solomon will be among the first of Houston/Harr

Life Happens

At this critically important time in Texas Early Voting, I may need to sideline myself to babysit my Grandson. For the past 12 months, my daughter has had a 1 bedroom apartment down the street from me & has been in the process of moving to a larger place where Solomon can have a room of his own. Hopefully she can finish everything today & I can be back out there tomorrow or Thursday. Beginning my Insurance Career in the world of Medicare & Medicaid in 2006, I have spent the past 5-6 years as an Employee Benefits Counselor, guiding individual employees to make the best choices to protect their families from potentially bankrupting medical events or a death in the family. While covering the

Coming in Out of the Rain at the Polls

With limited mobility the entire month of February, I've been trying to spread my campaign efforts where they can do the most good between several candidates I've been supporting. My car died out on Westheimer earlier this month & finally we're almost back to being a two-car family again. To my Son's credit, he's been a trooper letting me drive his car to make my campaign efforts possible. All of last week, I was out at one of the Early Voting locations in the freezing rain, out numbered by Republican Candidates & their volunteers, AND their Signs. Yesterday I decided to come in our of the rain & head back to HQ for Phone Banking & to pick up more signs. I wish I had half the energy Beto has

Little Lobbyist Alyssa Milano in the House with Laura Moser for Congress

Yesterday, I took time out from working & volunteering for my two main candidates I've been supporting to attend an event as a Voting Citizen. Of all of the critically important issues at stake in the Mid-Term Election, there is NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT TO ME THAN HEALTHCARE. Long-time activist & Hollywood Actress Alyssa Milano was in town in support of Laura Moser for Congress, whose district I actually live in. Alyssa Milano Biography My daughter Elissa is Mom to one of the Little Lobbyists, a Political Action Group started by Elena Hung, Laura Lebrun-Hatcher & Michelle Morrison in support & advocacy of their Medically Fragile Children, like my grandson Solomon. I am forever grateful for th

Day Four of Voting With the Birdies

Yesterday was much more calm & subdued than earlier this week out on the campaign trail with Early Voting, plus the weather decided to cooperate with us which was good. Penny Shaw for Harris County Commissioner Precinct 4 is the right candidate for the job because she TRULY CARES for ALL OF US - not just some of us, but all of us. I first met Penny Shaw at the Women's March & I've been following & campaigning on her behalf ever since. Highly qualified, credentialed & humble, she has set aside time during her campaign rally tomorrow in support of Gun Control in honor of the victims of the Parkland Shooting. Facebook Event Link In the current cultural climate we now find ourselves in - ha

Stan Stanart, Harris County Clerk Called for Election Violation

Day 3 of Early Voting saw several of those 9 Republican Congressional Candidates going at it with each other in the bid to replace the retiring Ted Poe. Most of the back & forth has been friendly, good-natured ribbing about whose candidate was "goin down," but yesterday the gloves came off. Poll Workers have a 100-foot Rule, so Campaign Personnel don't chase after Voters in the Parking Lot. The Trini Mendenhall location at 1414 Wirt Rd has a large grassy median in the middle of the road, so in an effort to make sure my candidate's signs were seen in an uncontested manner & well within compliance of the 100-foot rule, I literally stood in the middle of the road in the freezing cold rain holdi

Why Background Checks Are Not Enough. PTSD in Veterans

Yesterday out at the polls, working on behalf of Penny Shaw for Harris County Commissioner Precinct 4 & in support of Beto O'Rourke for US Senate, I had occasion to meet many opposition candidates & their campaign support people, including one of the 9 people running for Congressman Ted Poe's soon-to-be-vacated seat in the House. There on the behalf of the Democratic Party for the Democratic Primary, I am humbled & honored to help those that are braver than me to run for elected office, but OMG I've been out numbered by good-natured Republican candidates , including that guy since the start of Early Voting on Tuesday. This candidate rolled down Chimney Rock with his posse IN A MILITARY HUMV

Sacrificial Giving, Volunteerism & the Church

Speaking truth to power is uncomfortable but necessary in these questioning times in American History. Just like the NRA won't like Americans' legitimate concern that their industry, their product that they sell to the American Public KILLS PEOPLE, organized Religion won't like my thoughts on their Industry. Whatever happened to Separation of Church & State when people turn on the Church Channel & Governor Huckabee has his own show??? While I am a life long Christian, I also listen to dissenting points of view of others, even when I disagree but I have never watched this show not once ever. I was OUTRAGED to see this & could not change the channel fast enough. Did the Trump Administration

Early Voting Begins Today

Praying for no rain this week as I will be out at Trini Mendenhall Community Center at 1414 Wirt Rd, Houston, TX 77055 every day this week in support of Penny Shaw for Harris County Commissioner Precinct 4. Getting ready to fly out the door now so I won't be online very much today. While the Commissioner's Court deals primarily with local issues, Penny is Chairman of the Legislative Committee for the Texas Democratic Women.


Happy Presidents Day??? Who needs Russian Propaganda when BOTH ABC & CBS are attacking Women this morning??? I generally go back & forth between ABC & CBS in the morning. How are they "celebrating President's Day???" By making PREJUDICIAL JOKES ABOUT PEPTO BISMAL & HAIR COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both ABC Local & CBS Local stations have announced teasers for their 4pm Broadcast that include discussions of Hair Color. What a superficial reason to vote for or against someone - because of HOW THEY LOOK??? Can I tell you Hillary Clinton looks NOTHING LIKE ME, except for the fact that we are both WHITE WOMEN. I voted for the Candidate with SHORT BLONDE HAIR, despite me h

Information Warfare

Yesterday's indictments by the Mueller investigative team at the FBI confirmed what we already knew: Russian meddling cost Hillary Clinton the Election. Many words have been used to describe this kind of tactic: Propaganda, Conspiracy, Collusion - & what is this word "collusion" anyway? Has conspiracy become so over-used that people are now referring to it as "collusion?" Whatever you call it, it boils down to out-right Character Assassination against Hillary Clinton. I am so furious on her behalf, I could just chew nails. All Journalism Majors are REQUIRED to take Libel Law in college. What the #FakePresident keeps referring to as #FakeNews is actually LIBELOUS SLANDER. Libel is slander

REAL News. FAKE President

Originally posted in 2017, in the wake of YET ANOTHER senseless school shooting, I decided to take another swing at the #ApprenticePresident & the Entertainment Industry that ENABLED him to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. The #FakePresident's statement on the Parkland High School shooting didn't make mention of #GunControl at all - nothing. Everything about this is so upsetting, I've gotta go offline again for a while. I was hoping to have a Social Media detox for a while but current events keep dragging me back in. My inspiration for "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office" was really born of the fact that Broadcast is my family business. It

Pining for Yesteryear? Entertainment Industry to Blame for Massacre

TV. Music. Violent Video Games like "Call of Duty" have gotten us to the point our society has gotten to. We as a people have become de-sensitized to violence from the very beginning of Electronic Communication of all kinds. Yesterday's senseless massacre of 17 young people at a Florida High School by one of their peers was likely brought about by the young shooter listening to violent music, watching violent TV Shows & playing violent video games. There will be countless legislators, pundits, media analysts & members of the general public with an opinion (rightfully so) on the statistics that will delve into the facts of what happened in that individual incident. As a Sociologist, I would

Valentine's Day Massacre Part 3: When History Repeats Itself

Had not planned on blogging anything today, but Gun Control & Gun Violence actually are addressed in my current book. If this country needs to repeal any part of our Constitution, it is the 2nd Amendment. Below is a link to my personal Facebook page with my thoughts on Gun Control in general: https://www.facebook.com/notes/lisa-annette-stanley/2nd-amendment-is-whats-wrong-with-this-country/10152239857302749/?pnref=story I had my daughter & grandson here with me all day & hadn't heard any of this until I turned on the 5pm news. Praying for the souls of the innocent dead & the broken hearts of their families. More tomorrow as facts come in.

1st Amendment. ABC Disney's Major Tom Channel: Normalizing Obscenity

I just can hardly stand to sit here & watch ABC Disney continue to IDOLIZE that frightening freak of nature that was DAVID BOWIE. Again today they ended World News with David Muir with another story about the SpaceEx Launch yesterday while blasting David Bowie's "Space Oddity" across the country. David Bowie was an INCREDIBLY SICK person & ABC Disney needs to LOSE THEIR BROADCAST LICENSE for airing this TRASH. Originally posted January 5, 2018, Stunning that ABC Disney ended Good Morning America with a pending documentary about David Bowie, with a mention to "The Man Who Fell to Earth." With the outcry in Hollywood over Harvey Weinstein & #ABCDisneysFakeShock over the #RapeCulture THEY HAVE

Super Moon. Super Bowl. Super Stop It

People have learned to communicate by "double-speak," by innuendo & by non-verbal communication. How does it make you feel to hear the #ApprenticePresident RUDELY SNIFFLING every time he opens his mouth??? Learning takes place in many forms, even by watching TV - whether we realize it or not. Tuesday evening began the rise of the "Super Moon" on the eve of the State of the Union Address. It was beautiful & visible in the Houston sky as early as 6pm as I was out & about driving around at that time. https://www.nasa.gov/feature/super-blue-blood-moon-coming-jan-31 All while the #ApprenticePresident was RUDELY sniffling his way through the #SOTU the moon began its' descent into the setting pha

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