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Be an Angel. Save a Life. Be a Designated Driver

11 years ago after saving the life of an alcoholic loved one, I changed careers from Advertising to Health Insurance. I had learned so much from the Patient-side, I asked myself "Why not get Licensed, so I did. 100% of no one gets into Insurance because it's fun or easy. With industry-wide ever-changing rules depending on what political party is calling the shots, making a living in the Life & Health Insurance Industry is an exercise in frustration. Saving lives was 100% of my inspiration for doing this: For the Right Reason. Here is a gentle reminder that Designated Drivers Save Lives. Got New Year's Resolutions? While you're here, be sure to check out what's in store here on RDHR Learn

Got Gadgets? Get Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy

Tech tools are designed to make our lives better. Put them to good use with better communication. Learn to treat people as INDIVIDUALS. Learn to speak with Emotional Intelligence. Itching. Scratching. Sniffling. Coughing. All are forms of Non-Verbal Communication. How are WOMEN Responsible for this??? We're not. It's Misogyny. Bullying has become a Global EPIDEMIC. This has got to stop Learn to Recognize PEOPLE as INDIVIDUALS. Get yourself, "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office" on Amazon and here on Revolving Door HR Shop NOW

Its Christmas Eve: What Would Jesus Do?

UPDATE. Amen GIRLS I will again ask the question, "Who needs Russian interference in US Elections when there is No Separation of Church & State with Governor Huckabee's show on Christian TV?" So EbaneezerTrump is still Grinching everyone again this year. Can't say it enough. My stance on the state of our country is the inability of INDIVIDUALS TO REACH ACROSS THE AISLE in cooperation with those of differing beliefs from our own, even at the holiest time of year on the Christian Calendar is hypocrisy at it's worst. When the current administration can cease operations of our government AT CHRISTMAS TIME over appropriation of taxes to fund government offices , while blurring the lines betwee

Understanding Health Insurance Toolkit

UPDATE. Traditionally, Americans received coverage for Health Care through Employee Benefits which do continue all year. The entire purpose of companies offering Health Care Benefits to their employees is to engender LOYALTY. Gone are the days when people worked for the same company for 50 years & retired with a gold watch. Increasingly in a mobile society, people work at place after place & companies are hiring more & more 1099 Contractors rather than traditional W-2 employees. Even companies & small business owners who do hire W-2s are looking for ways to minimize costs by offering fewer benefits with less coverage. I have several friends & family members (including my Ex) that fit this c

PreExisting Conditions Under Attack by the State of Texas. Merry Christmas???

The STUNNING HYPOCRISY of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the very definition of a PERSON WITH A PREEXISTING CONDITION, has delivered a Christmas Lump of Coal to people who depend on the Affordable CARE Act, also known as ObamaCARE, for their very life. Deemed Unconstitutional by a Texas Judge last night, the decision will be Appealed by House Democrats, who vow to SAVE OUR CARE. Read the swift response by Nancy Pelosi here Millions of Americans like myself who are too young for Medicare & can't get Medicaid depend on ObamaCARE. Again, the portion of the Health CARE Law that Trumplicans claim is Unconstitutional is the Individual Mandate that imposes a fine for not getting coverage, saying the


UPDATE: While Christ Jesus may be the reason for the season at Christmas, I'm pretty sure the Virgin Mary was present for that immaculate birth. We Democrats have been gifted VALIDATION that Hillary Clinton in fact got Grinched by the Apprentice President who STOLE the 2016 Election. While one of the main Co-Conspirators who infamously chanted "Lock Her Up," was given Mercy in exchange for cooperation in the Russian Interference investigation,& will be spared imprisonment, others are not so lucky. Trump's personal attorney who arranged hush money payments geared toward influencing the results of the 2016 Election will be spending 3 years in prison. FACT. Should this be the Apprentice Pres

ETHICS. A Standard Higher Than the Law

The illegitimate Apprentice President who stole the Election from Hillary Clinton, along with politicians, lawmakers, & TV pundits are tripping over rat turds & splitting hairs over whether the Apprentice President's campaign activities were felonies, misdemeanors or none of the above. STUNNING. The American People have every right to expect the Office of the Presidency to be beyond reproach, adhering to the highest Ethical and Moral Standards. I am calling on Congress to write Legislation REQUIRING ALL CANDIDATES FOR PUBLIC OFFICE TO BE CERTIFIED IN ETHICS AS A REQUIREMENT TO RUN FOR OFFICE. Apparently the US Senate does have and Ethics Board with "quote/unquote ethics training." I would g

UnChristian-Like Behavior of Christian Hypocrites

Christmas is the celebration of the birth, life & death of Christ Jesus who Christians believe lived & died for the salvation of all who believe he is our Savior. Some Christians will say Grace over a meal, blessing every crumb of bread they eat, then RACE TO CHURCH, complaining about White Women & the English Language. It's pretty stunning to watch this happen. Related Posts Amen GIRLS Great Christmas Light Fight CAUSING Problems Separation of Church and State Get "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office" Also available on Amazon.com here:

Great Christmas Light Fight CAUSING Problems

UPDATE: It starts at Black Friday & gets progressively worse marching towards Christmas every year: the Sexist, Racist, MISOGYNISTIC attack on Women. Walt Disney must be rolling in his grave at what the Rats have done to the Rat Channel. Does anyone not recognize this TRASH for what it is? Then people wonder why there is so much anger in the streets. On what planet is our Holiest time of year the time for fighting??? When you consider that the major World Religions cannot agree on Christianity VS Judaism VS Islamic faiths, the "Christmas Fight" is easy to understand. But why the war on WOMEN??? 30 years ago while in College, I SERIOUSLY date a very black MUSLIM man crossing both Race & Rel

Bi-Partisan Spirit. Rest in Peace Bush 41

UPDATE: President George H.W. Bush has died at the age of 94. Death knows no Political Party or Gender or Race or Ethnicity. Thank You for your service to our country. Barbara Bush is being prepared for burial at the George Bush Presidential Library in College Station by the Funeral Directors George H. Lewis & Sons directly across the street from where I live. Getting out the door each day this week has been interesting to say the least with a police presence of HPD, Secret Service & every Media Outlet in town parked across the street. The minor inconvenience for these three days this week pales in comparison for how much good she's done bringing dignity, respect & CLASS to the highest of

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