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This Small Business Saturday Buy a Book That Can Actually Help

Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Shop til you drop? Enough!!!! Feeling the Holiday Stress? Relax..... Give yourself the Gift of Peace of Mind Learn to treat people as INDIVIDUALS. Learn to live with Emotional Intelligence. Get, "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office" $7 Digital Download Shop NOW

The Charismatic Great Deceiver. Is Donald Trump the AntiChrist?

UPDATE 50% of Americans can be THANKFUL for the Impeachment Inquiry into the Reality Show Presidency this Thanksgiving 2019. How anyone can find a Bully to be charismatic is stunning in & of itself, but apparently the mass of humanity that attends Trump rallies see no problem with his aggressive speeches. It is actually unfair to demonize political opponents, but the Fake President who holds himself out "to be real," did this again last night at a Pre-Thanksgiving Rally where he again characterized the Impeachment Inquiry as a "Witch Hunt" & "Sinister." In addition to demonizing his Political opponents, just this week he was validated by former Texas Governor & Trump Cabinet-Appointee Rick

American Music Awards. What Is Real and What is Delusional Thought?

You don't need to be a Speech Pathologist to figure out that the Reality Show President is really delusional and a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR. There is actually a CAUSE & EFFECT with Awards Shows & Reality Shows CAUSING the Delusions of millions & millions & millions of PEOPLE who act as if they actually are their musicians, actors, baseball players, basketball players, football players or politicians. No they are not. People are INDIVIDUALS. Yesterday was the American Music Awards. This is the entire premise of "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office." Read an excerpt from Chapter 1 below & buy the book here $7 Digital Download. Buy Now

Has the 1st Amendment Gone Too Far? Rap Music is Hate Speech Against Women

UPDATE. Happy Sunday to the Girls. The American Music Awards are tonight, just in time for Thanksgiving, Perfect time to reprise this Blog Post with my thought on Misogynistic attitudes towards Women in broadcast of all kinds. ***************************************************** Yesterday, on April 30, 2019, the Equal Rights Amendment was heard on the floor of Congress for the first time in YEARS. Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment would prevent the kind of institutionalized, systemic MISOGYNY - Hate Speech against women as unacceptable in all kinds of Pop Culture, particularly Broadcast. We, the American People give broadcasters our trust that when we look to the Media for News

Fairness Doctrine and Ethics Reform in Broadcast

UPDATE. This is my Uncle Jack outside his Radio Station that he OWNED. I'm sure he is rolling in his grave over the vicious BULLYING in TV & Radio these days. This is a direct result in the dismantling of the Fairness Doctrine. The Fairness Doctrine, implemented by the Federal Communications Commission in 1949, was overturned in 1987 & completely removed in August of 2011. Why would Legislators dismantle the Fairness Doctrine? Who could possibly be against FAIRNESS? It's HOW & WHY a BULLY is in Washington. #ImpeachDonaldTrump More on the Fairness Doctrine soon *********************************************** Mandatory Ethics Certification is a REQUIREMENT for Insurance Agents like myself to

Impeachment Substance VS Process. Call the Senate

Public Hearings of the impeachment of Donald Trump begins today & the country couldn't be more divided along Partisan lines. Devon Nunes just gave the Trumplican response to the Opening Remarks by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff in a stunning attack on the Process (as expected) setting the tone of the Trumplican strategy. It was stunningly hypocritical to hear him characterize the private portion of the Investigation as "Staging a Reality Show." Isn't that exactly how the #ApprenticePresident managed to steal the 2016 election? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been a fountain of patience in carefully proceeding with the Impeachment Inquiry that the majority of Democrats lik

Next Level Thinking. The Word is PREJUDICE

People are Individuals. It seems to me that people are trying to fix Racism on the backs of WOMEN, When we begin to understand that people are Individuals we don't scapegoat an entire CLASS of People based on Gender, Race or any other Physical Characteristic. Bullying has become a global problem. This has got to stop. Prejudice is the phenomenon & Discrimination is the manifestation of Prejudice. Until we can eradicate Discrimination of all kinds including Racism, Sexism or Misogyny we should speak in terms of Prejudice. Seeking Corporate Partners, Corporate Sponsors and like-minded individual investors to bring this idea to life. Ask me how & join me here

Understanding Health Insurance Toolkit

UPDATE. Today is the first day of Open Enrollment for ObamaCARE. While I am currently still Licensed through 2021, my interest in Health CARE remains purely personal & Political: Health Insurance has been my bread & butter for the past 13 years. I was here for the rollout of ObamaCARE & I survived the dismantling of this Life-Saving program since the #ApprenticePresident took office. This post has been Updated & Updated & Updated - and each addition highlights how various parts of our Health Insurance Industry works to save lives. People who read my blog even on an occasional basis will remember that I have a Critically ill Grandchild. I am posting extra-early today as I need to babysit


Houstonians have a lot to be proud of in the incredible way we gracefully congratulated the Washington Nationals on their World Series win.

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