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13. Really. Treats No Tricks. Election 2020

The Da Vinci Codes

I decided to dress my Halloween Blog with the Mona Lisa again this year. With a Record Number of Americans having already Voted Early I am praying to wake up on November 4th with a Biden/Harris Win to end our National Nightmare.

While not quite a Nightmare on Elm Street - it's close. The 3 &1/2 years of BULLYING by the #ApprenticePresident has been out of control. The American people are fed up with the Tricks & are more than ready for some Treats.

I find the obnoxious Political Advertising so up setting, I've been turning off my computer early every night this week opting to watch Friday the 13th Marathons, finding Jason to be less frightening than the UNETHICAL LIES of Partisan Politics.

The period between Halloween & Thanksgiving has likely always been this way, filled with Stories of Ghosts & Goblins & spooky Superstitions like Black Cats & Bad Luck on Friday the 13th. but the difference is AWARENESS. I, like so many, am "Woke."

There are many Theories on how the NUMBER 13 came to be viewed as unlucky. Having the dubious distinction of being born on Friday the 13th, (1/13/1961) I have been interested in this subject my entire life. I have to question "are the willful acts of men bad luck, or is this the willful acts of men?"


A sad reality of American Life since the 2016 Election has been the need for primers on "How to Speak to your Republican Relatives at Thanksgiving Dinner."

I have been a Registered Democrat for years now, but this is the sad reality in my family.

This gives a whole new meaning to the term "Food Fight."

I thought for today I would relate a personal story of just how divisive the #ApprenticePresident has been.

I have a sister that I no longer claim as family & might never speak to again as long as I live.

She is so delusional right now she thinks she actually is Ivanka Trump or perhaps even Jared Kushner - and is hell-bent on STEALING MY IDENTITY.

I'm pretty sure she knows for a fact that I was born on Friday the 13th, but the Local ABC Affiliate in Houston is Channel 13.

I'm pretty sure she for a fact knows that Broadcast really IS our family's business - my COUSIN'S FAMILY BUSINESS.


This person that I no longer claim as family has been DEMANDING to be 13 for years now.

Does anyone know what it means to be 13?

Is it lucky or unlucky???

Is 13 a blessing or a curse???

She has been making these DEMANDS since before my mother died 7 years ago.

Things have been bad since my Mom's funeral, but last year was the final straw.

She had an excursion to a MUSEUM in Galveston.

At Thanksgiving.


Would that be the MUSEUM where the Mona Lisa is housed???