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1984. Backwards From the Beginning. Publish the Equal Rights Amendment

1984 George Orwell

UPDATE. August 14, 2022. This weekend the Women's Convention 2022 hosted by the ERA Coalition, the Women's March, the National Organization of Women & others is in town here in Houston.

While Misogyny has been around since Biblical times it is getting SO MUCH WORSE in our lifetime.

#WomensConvention2022 please continue to advocate for publication of #EqualRightsAmendment for ALL #Women to make #HateSpeech in #BlackMusic ILLEGAL.

Women don't need to be called #Bitch by #BlackMusic.

We deserve #Respect

R-E-S-P-E-C-T #Women


Written in 1948 under the name George Orwell, Eric Arthur Blair 's dystopian nightmare reality is one of the root causes of 20th Century Misogyny.

Today is August 4th - 8/4/2018.

Nobody I know has ever acted this way.

Nobody I know has ever talked this way.

I had to learn this for myself.

Can we stop BLAMING WOMEN for the English Language???


This is SEXISM.


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