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1st Amendment, Grammys & the History of the Bleep Button. Women's History Month Day 12

Bleeping Profanity Symbols

Women's History Month Day 12. The 63rd annual Presentation of the Grammy Awards is this Sunday, March 14th. I won't be watching again this year.

Way back at least ten years ago, I stopped watching Awards Shows of any kind due to half of the show being BLEEPED.

I can remember thinking to myself "What are they saying that is too foul for TV???"

The first Grammy Award Presentation was on May 4, 1959. on ABC television network.

These days everyone is so "Woke," & easily insulted over "Racist Slurs."

We see it on TV with incidents of individuals behaving badly.

Can I remind you that WHITE is a RACE too & when I READ those Music Lyrics that are SO FOUL they have to be BLEEPED for TV. I am INSULTED OUT OF MY SKULL.

Some Broadcasters have made a valiant effort to recognize that "Hip Hop & Gangsta Rap" are out of control by coining the phrase "Toxic Masculinity."

Toxic Masculinity???