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1st Amendment, Grammys & the History of the Bleep Button. Women's History Month Day 12

Bleeping Profanity Symbols

Women's History Month Day 12. The 63rd annual Presentation of the Grammy Awards is this Sunday, March 14th. I won't be watching again this year.

Way back at least ten years ago, I stopped watching Awards Shows of any kind due to half of the show being BLEEPED.

I can remember thinking to myself "What are they saying that is too foul for TV???"

The first Grammy Award Presentation was on May 4, 1959. on ABC television network.

These days everyone is so "Woke," & easily insulted over "Racist Slurs."

We see it on TV with incidents of individuals behaving badly.

Can I remind you that WHITE is a RACE too & when I READ those Music Lyrics that are SO FOUL they have to be BLEEPED for TV. I am INSULTED OUT OF MY SKULL.

Some Broadcasters have made a valiant effort to recognize that "Hip Hop & Gangsta Rap" are out of control by coining the phrase "Toxic Masculinity."

Toxic Masculinity???

No, it is NOT Toxic Masculinity. No need to coin a new word. Let's call it what is IS.


And yet some of the Bands with the "too foul for TV Lyrics" are REWARDED for their HATEFUL REVERSE RACISM.

The unfettered rise in Reverse-Racist Music Lyrics have been allowed to fester unchecked since "quote/unquote" Hip Hop burst onto the scene in the 1980s - and continued all through out the 1990s & the 2000s.

That's 30 years of foul, vulgar & obscene Music being REWARDED on the National Stage at the Grammy Awards.

This is WHY I refuse to participate in any online discussions involving Racism - I know for a FACT that MISOGYNISTIC SEXISM is alive & well.

As a person with a Degree in Journalism, I had to study LIBEL LAW which is why I speak so frequently on the Constitutionality of the First Amendment & Libel Laws for Defamation of Character.

Libel Laws for Defamation of Character pick up when the "Constitutional Right to Free Speech" goes too far.

It is why Libel Laws exist.

THIS is why I advocate so strongly for the Equal Rights Amendment.

We also need a Hate Speech Bill.

Women are verbally assaulted everyday by FOUL MUSIC LYRICS.

It makes it EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to feel safe

All Laws exist when people cannot or will not Self-Govern, Self-Police or Self-Censor themselves when they speak. Americans are guaranteed Free Speech under the 1st Amendment but I truly do believe that Free Speech has gone entirely too far.

PEOPLE feel empowered & enabled to say anything anywhere at anytime they want with out regard for the consequences of their words.

This has everything to do with the unfettered lack of civility that is rampant in Society.

Just read some of the viscous comments & things people say on Social Media.

It's awful.

In this country, electronic communications of all kinds are Governed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC.)

Whether Music, Movies or TV, all Broadcasters are governed by the FCC.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Obscene, Indecent and Profane Broadcasts Federal law prohibits obscene, indecent and profane content from being broadcast on the radio or TV. That may seem clear enough, but determining what obscene, indecent and profane mean can be difficult, depending on who you talk to.




We need to Re-Instate the Fairness Doctrine as a good start to reigning in the viciousness.

#WomensHistoryMonth Day 12. Ratify the #EqualRightsAmendment to Protect #Women from #HateSpeech & #Bullying in #HipHop & #GangstaRap MUSIC at the #Grammys It is NOT #ToxicMasculinity It is #ReverseRacism #BleepButton

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