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Stereotyping Individuals on the Fourth

So the Fourth of July has come & gone and none of us is so much worse for the wear except for the smell of smoke, I suppose.

Depends on who you ask. If you ask me, I always smell like smoke: I smoke a LOT, so I always have that slightly singed feeling: smoky, but not burned. (Maybe one of these days I will stop smoking.)

While I personally have never been fired for the July Fourth fireworks, I have seen & felt the INTENSITY of the panic in an office setting with regard to who will be.

  • The entire office scrambling to make sure their NUMBERS are where they should be so as to escape the axe of fireworks wrath.

It’s awful…..

Everyone walking on eggshells proclaiming “Not Me!”

You can bet the farm on the fact that if they were announcing this year’s winners for the Heisman Trophy the entire staff would be singing:


  • Instead of cowering under their desks hoping not to get grilled at the office weenie roast.

Well, ok, "MeMe."

Our livelihoods are NOT A GAME.

People have forgotten that we are ALL INDIVIDUALS, responsible for our own individual actions. Take for example this excerpt from my new book: