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Corporate Culture of Misogyny at ICONIC American Brand

In 2016, realizing that Health Insurance wasn’t cutting it for me, I decided to go back to my Advertising roots. I accepted no less than 4 positions – essentially once every 3 months – each one more Hellish than the last.

What a Misogynistic NIGHTMARE.

Today’s story is about an Iconic American Advertising Brand as well known as Good Housekeeping or Better Homes & Gardens…..and no it wasn’t either of them.

This is a company that has been around since the covered-wagon days, whose name implies hospitality, manners & etiquette.


The new owner, a self-made-man who made his fortune in sales, had amassed enough wealth to purchase this advertising icon.

My first official day, after a month of training was on April 1st - 4/1.

So happy to be in my new work-from-home telecommuting sales position, my invitation to the Monday morning teleconference was here. I opened my Email & this was what greeted me:

Corporate Misogyny

Nothing says “Hey Welcome to the Team like a punch in the nose.”

Being invested in doing this, giving them a month of my life to do training, I thought, “Well, let’s see what happens. Maybe it will get better.”

Then I met the owner -


He flew the entire Texas staff to a 5-Star Resort & Conference Center in Dallas for a Meet & Greet. Not more training, just an opportunity to meet the people whose paycheck he was writing, including me.

Talk about people who watch too much TV - this guy is legitimately off his rocker.

He went went on ENDLESSLY about his 2 favorite TV Shows: The Bachelor & the Apprentice.


So what does this have to do with Annette Funnicello?

After his initial introduction, he had the entire room stand at attention like we were singing the “Star Spangeled Banner,” so he could teach us his company’s “National Anthem” - set to the tune of the Mickey Mouse Club theme song:




I couldn’t run fast enough! I was working for a stark-raving mad LUNATIC!

God help us all.

THIS is what watching TV is doing to our country.

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