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The LifeSaver Lady

The Life-Saver Lady

Ah - the life of a Health Insurance Agent...

1099 Self Employed Freelancer.

Be my own boss.

The Freedom.

The money.

I must be raking in the dough, right?


100% of the insurance industry is Risk Management - a gamble, depending on what side of the table you're sitting. The insurance companies are betting that you will stay healthy & will have very few claims.

Fewer claims equals less money they have to pay out.

You, the collective you are "what iffing" yourself to death thinking "What if... " "What if I get sick?" "What if I get hurt?" "Who's going to pay my doctor bills, my hospital bill, buy my prescriptions?"

For me as an Agent, I am also managing the risk of covering you, the collective you just to do my job, all the while nobody is covering me.

Why would you care about my personal story as a Health Insurance Agent?

What does that mean to you?

It means that I am lumped in to the group of millions of Americans who are not W-2. We are 1099 "Self Employed." As such, we are not offered Employer-Sponsored Health Plans for our own coverage. We depend on Obamacare like so many other millions of Americans.

You would think that by working for the insurance companies I would be covered to the teeth in a Cadillac Plan covering Major Medical, free or reduced rate-premiums, low or no deductibles & Co-Pays, prescriptions, Vision, Dental - the whole 9 yards - but you would be wrong.

There is a sum-total of one Insurance Company that I am hired on a W-2 basis & I would give my right eye to get a full time permanent gig with. I am brought on as extra help during Open Enrollment from October through January sometimes March during peak enrollment season, which means that I live by feast or famine like so many of my Insurance Industry colleagues.

Long story long, I have both a personal & professional interest in what happens in the American Healthcare system & SPECIFICALLY #OBAMACARE.

So how did I become "The LifeSaver Lady?"

That part is easy: to put my clients at ease.

LifeSaver Lady

What we do is a thankless job. When I am on location on an assignment I AM the face of the Insurance Company. My clients have no idea that I am a Freelancer. All they know is that a representative from the Insurance Company is there.

It's like facing a LYNCH MOB just to do my job.