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Understanding Healthcare Supplements

Understanding Healthcare Supplements

Gap Fillers.

In a word, Healthcare Supplements are Gap Fillers.

Whether Medicare Supplements, or Employee Benefit Supplements, the ENTIRE POINT OF SUPPLEMENTS are to pay Out-of-Pocket Expenses until the Deductible of a Health Plan is met & the plan begins to pay for Medical Services.

Tom Price CLEARLY does NOT understand GAP FILLERS.

It was STUNNING TO ME to watch Trump Administration Health & Human Services Secretary Tom Price sit there on ABC’s “This Week,” & have the NERVE to claim to understand how our Healthcare System works then complain about RISING DEDUCTIBLES.

Supplements. Supplements. Supplements.

Has the HHS Secretary ever heard of SUPPLEMENTS?

I have done Medicare Supplements. I still do Employee Benefits Supplements.

To sit here & listen to that man’s LACK OF UNDERSTANDING on how to use Supplements was Jaw-dropping. I was about to burst a blood vessel screaming at the TV.



BTW - the EXACT verbiage of “Statement of Understanding” comes directly from Medicare Enrollment Paperwork.

There is a Statement of Understanding Document in every Medicare Enrollment Kit.

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