• lisaannettestanley

“Po White Folks”

So deeply saddened by the escalating rhetoric against “All White Women” that is flooding the airwaves in light of the disgraceful events in Charlottesville.

Can I tell you NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE were slave owners? NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE are “on the wrong side of history.

My family were “Po White Folks.” A few of us did well through education & hard work and achieved the American Dream.

Both of my Grandmothers lived in poverty. They died on Medicaid & Public Assistance.

My Grandmommy, my mother’s mother, lived in a shot-gun shack HER ENTIRE LIFE.

My Grandma, my dad’s mother, lived in a 1 bedroom efficiency “apartment,” which was really just a modified room of a sub-divided house. Everything was in that one room: bed, kitchen, sink & stove.

Her bathroom was a community bathroom down the hall.

Nobody gave us ANYTHING. My family worked for what we got. And BTW, it was only a couple of us who ever really made it. Most of us are STILL “Po White Folk.”

BYW: This picture is not my Grandmommy's house. It was faster to find one in the Library of Congress' National Archives that was representative of our family. This house is PALATIAL compared to where my Grandmommy lived.

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