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Remembering September 11, 2001

Here is something I wrote for my personal Facebook page several years ago. I do still have my Day Job & this little business I'm trying to get started (???) & don't have time to Re-write something original AGAIN. I may take a time out for a while as I am beyond exhausted. We'll see.

Stanley Tools September 11, 2001

September 11, 2011 at 7:13am

I'm sitting here this am watching the 10th Anniversary Memorials & attempting to write this through the blinding tears that are streaming down my face. On that God-awful wretched day, we thought our beloved sister Kimberly was dead. I couldn't stop crying then as I am now.

Diane Sawyer & I Good Morning America

Having completed her Under Graduate Bachelor's Degree at Duke, she was working on her Master's at NYU & living in Time Square.


As you can imagine all communication was jammed: you couldn't call in, you couldn't call out.




Just dead silence.

Charles Gisbson & I Good Morning America 2001

Charles Gibson & I

I can't remember who called whom first, but Bonnie & I were desperately trying to get any word that she was still alive.


To make matters worse, Mom & Dad were MIA too.


On their way back from their second home in London, had their plane been used as one of the missiles???


Bonnie & I were facing the possibility of having 3 dead family members.


Apparently her route between Time Square & NYU had put her Subway car emerging from the tunnel just before it collapsed - literally the last car to make it out.


I cannot imagine the nightmares she must still have. But I'm not her, I cannot speak for her. I can only relate my own hellish panic that I felt on that day.

Me Outside Associated Press BLDG October 2001

Me outside AP Headquarters NYC 2001


And so happy that everyone's OK.


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