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One More Hurdle to Pass to Save Our Care

Defeat Cassidy Graham ACA Repeal Bill

On September 13, 2017, Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) released the full text of the Cassidy-Graham Bill in a final push to “Repeal & Replace ObamaCare” for all to read for themselves.


I keep coming back to the fact that if we had elected our 1st Female President all of this could have been prevented. But this is where we are.

What are our best options moving forward?

First of all, defeat this terrible Bill just released yesterday. Full Text of Cassidy-Graham Bill:


I’ve gotta say, we Democrats & those of us concerned for the future of our Health Care have some powerful supporters against it, starting with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners who are set to testify on the Senate Floor this morning. (9/14/2017)


Forbes Magazine online also reported that again, even Conservatives in the Republican Party are skeptical about the Bill’s ability to gain much steam: