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Hillary by Birth.  Clinton by Choice.

The only Presidential Candidate who would have saved Obamacare had the Election STOLEN from her because of her NAME. Why would people cut off their nose to spite their own face by VOTING AGAINST THEIR OWN SELF-INTERESTS due to Playing the Name Game?

Did it ever occur to anyone that she might be the VICTIM of MYSOGINSTIC BULLYING because of her name???

It applies the principles of Emotional Intelligence – treating others as we would like to be treated – in an effort to end the Misogyny that cost Americans the opportunity to elect the 1st Female President in US History. Excerpt from Chapter 1 below:

Yes I'd Like to Thank the Academy How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office

I would think that Hillary Clinton is a big girl, capable of speaking for herself, but from where I’m sitting, her Candidacy fell VICTIM to MYSOGINSTIC BULLYING because her NAME.

Hillary was named Hillary by her parents.

Hillary chose Clinton when she married Bill – BECAUSE SHE LOVES HIM.

To sit here listening to Donald Trump SNIFFLING in her direction was INSULTING BEYOND BELIEF. That was not Hillary Clinton doing that to him, that was Donald Trump DOING THAT TO HER.

I have felt this way myself many, many, many times in a roomful of people when someone rudely coughes or sniffle excessively RUDELY LOUD then turns around & glares at me, the White English-Speaking girl.

I'm sorry but did I do that to you or did YOU DO THAT TO ME???

Here are the Chapters outlined below designed to TEACH people ACCOUNTABILITY for their own actions, learning how to treat others as we would like to be treated.

Why would I sniffle all over you if I don't want you sniffling all over me???

Tonight is the Emmy Awards. Tomorrow Morning will be a NIGHTMARE at Monday Morning Meetings all across the country.

Thank GOD I work for myself.

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