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Thank You Ted Cruz

Four words I am shocked & happy to be uttering on such a critically important Monday Morning, with Congressional Hearings before the Senate Finance Committee in advance of the vote on the Graham-Cassidy Bill: Thank You Ted Cruz.

The latest & harshest attempt to repeal & replace Obama Care has until September 30 to gain enough votes to pass.

I am pleasantly surprise, shocked & happy to wake-up to the news that overnight Ted Cruz, author of a previous attempt to take away Health Care Subsidies from millions of Americans, has publically come out with a No. Never mind it is for the wrong reasons (much like Rand Paul) but a No is a No.

Ted Cruz has a fundamental difference in Philosophy about how to go about covering the Health Care needs of Americans: he doesn’t think it goes far enough.

I will be sending my testimonial letter to both he & John Cornyn today in addition to the myriad phone calls I have made to both of their offices. to make sure they don't waver & change their minds again.

I’m pretty sure neither of my senators have heard my VERY LEGITIMATE opinion of the STUNNING HYPOCRISY on the subject of SUBSIDIES. I happen to know what I’m talking about.

Remember I do this for a living.

I am quite sure neither of them has ever had it put to them this way:

The Affordable Care Act under President Barack Obama is EXACTLY THE SAME as what the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 (MMA) did for Senior Citizens on Medicare in the George W. Bush Administration.


The MMA created SUBSIDIES.

So it seems to me that the fundamental question is how to pay for these SUBSIDIES.

Since I am all about SOLUTIONS, here’s an idea. Take our Trillion Dollar Budget for Foreign Aid to Underdeveloped Nations is the Middle East & Abroad. & use those dollars to take care of our own.

I can’t see this Administration cutting the Military Budget, but what about the Trillion Dollar Aid Budget???

There ya go., Ted.

A proposed SOLUTION in how to pay for our CARE.

Emailing my Senators now.

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