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Busy Sunday Morning Starting with a TREMENDOUS Thank You

While I have been a struggling Independent Health Insurance Agent for 11 years, The Legislative Process is a never-ending cycle. That's why Americans must Re-Enroll in their Health Care every year, even when we like & want to keep our Coverage. The Little Lobbyists & the Parker Lee Project, in addition to several Political Action Groups across the country, have put together a Coalition of concerned parents & Grandparents who just want to give our kids a chance at life.

Their TIRELESS EFFORTS on Capitol Hill all during 2017 have amplified our collective voices in a way that would not have been possible for we as individuals to do on our own.

They have, in fact been very instrumental in SAVING OUR CARE & for that I applaud you.

Megan at the Parker Lee Project, who sent a care package to my Grandson when his Medical Provider flooded during Hurricane Harvey, had just one request in exchange for helping Medically-Fragile children in the aftermath of Harvey: that we post a picture of ourselves wearing yellow on September 30 in recognition of #MicroencephalyAwarenessDay which took the life of her precious angel Parker, for whom her organization is named.

I am happy & honored to do so.

Wearing Yellow for

I have been trying to get out of Insurance for a couple years now, as I have found it impossible to make any gainful means of supporting myself doing this, going back to my roots in Advertising, which is what I went to College for.

Health Insurance is exhausting & doesn't pay - in addition to keeping up with every new piece of Legislation that affects our well-being on an annual basis.

It has come to my attention that yesterday was also the expiration date of CHIP - the Children's Health Insurance Plan that is a provision of Medicaid, implemented in the administration of Bill Clinton.

So there's that to still deal with.

I am also gearing up to stay very involved in getting The Equal Rights Amendment passed, which has been a part of this little business at Revolving Door from Day One .

When I say that #MisogynyIsReal, I truly do believe that #SexismCostHillaryClintonTheElection

Houston was the location of the ONLY National Women's Conference in 1977 & 2017 is the Fortieth Anniversary of this Historic gathering at the University of Houston.

I have signed up through the Houston Women's March to volunteer at this Historic event for women coming up in November.

In between all of this, I'm still trying to find a way to make a dollar in here.

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