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2nd Amendment is What's Wrong With This Country

Another post from my personal Facebook page that I have posted & posted & posted until I am blue in the face. Many of these principles have made it into my book, "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office."

The underlying theme? That by putting Profits over People, the entertainment industry is CAUSING THESE THINGS TO HAPPEN.

Not much is yet known about the mindset of the Las Vegas Shooter, but the fact that that it happened at an Entertainment Venue should be very telling. He obviously h ad some unspoken grievance against the Entertainment Industry.

July 11, 2014 at 7:15am

So for years & years & years & years – decades even, I have been an outspoken advocate of Gun Control. Dating all the way back to my Communications classes while I was earning my Journalism Degree at Southwest Texas State University, fully half of the speeches I ever gave were on the subject of Gun Control.


EVERY TIME I hear of a National Tragedy like this I wanna orbit the moon, so I write a piece to this effect: It’s not that hard people. You don’t see gun violence like this in other countries. This is an American phenomenon & it’s GOT TO STOP.


I lost all respect for Charelton Heston after his INFAMOUS “Cold Dead Hands” Speech at the National Rifle Association Convention. What the HELL did I just hear Moses say???


And did he just take a swipe at Al Gore???



Gun Control, 2nd Amendment

I can remember some of my family's happiest gatherings phesant hunting at Hawkeye Hunt Club in East Texas.


It seems that not all corporate business takes place on the golf course - sometimes it's at the hunt club.


This is how our family got involved with hunting in the first place. As President & CEO of a major international corporation, dad was business & personal friends with people like the head of Exxon/Mobil with access to corporate private planes to "jet-set to the King Ranch in the Valley for business R&R & private schmoosing."

Before long the men in our family were giving & receiving hunting rifles as gifts. These testosterone-filled excursions to the country were all about the men in the family putting food on the table while the women & children went fishing, horseback riding & playing with the hunting dog puppies.


So in theory, I am not necessarily opposed to hunting rifles. It is the hand guns & AK47s & Oozies & God knows what else is out there these days that I so STRONGLY OBJECT TO.


Like I said there just is NOT this kind of gun violence in other countries.


I submit that it is time to re-think the 2nd Amendment. Let's make it a privilege & NOT a Federally protected right.


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