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@ the REAL Bully in Washington

Living vicariously through the lives of others. Is this "REAL?"

This is REALLY an original Apple Lisa Computer, named for Steve Jobs' daughter Lisa Brennan Jobs.

My NAME is Lisa. My mother's NAME is Brenda.

Should I sit here & claim to be "The REAL Daughter of Steve Jobs???" Am I @theREALLisaBrennanJobs or is she her own person?

In my opinion, Steve Jobs wins the "Lifetime Menace Award" for who has done the most to INVADE THE PRIVACY OF PRIVATE CITIZENS.

That having been said, I think that @theREALBully-in-Chief is REALLY OFF HIS ROCKER. When he goes on & on & on about "FAKE NEWS" then has the nerve, the audacity to claim to be "the REAL Donald Trump, all I can do is shake my head & say THAT guy is REALLY DELUSIONAL."

Listening to the Radio is CAUSING this. Watching TV is CAUSING this.

When we LEARN HOW TO DEAL WITH THE MEDIA, it gives us the peace of mind, the serenity to not walk around in a state of panic & anxiety.

What will it take for the PEOPLE at the head of Disney, the PEOPLE at the head of ABC, of CBS, of CNN of Fox to REALIZE THE KIND OF WORLD THEY ARE CREATING & STOP IT???

It is their "Money-Maker Machine" so they're not likely to stop with out a National Public Outcry.

Until then, read "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Stop the Red Carpet in YOUR Office" to learn how to live your life as stress-free as possible.

It's only $7 and available here

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