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Non-Verbal Communication: Victim Blaming

When does Non-Verbal Communication take precedence over the words coming out of someone's mouth?

Non-Verbal Communication

I have long said that there is nothing worse than a roomful of insurance agents, particularly Medicare agents, with Medicare PART A, Medicare PART B, Medicare PART D, part, part, parting all over each other.

That is one thing I won't miss about Open Enrollment this year.

What I have found is that 9 times out of 10, it is the VICTIM of a Passive-Aggressive Non-Verbal Attack that gets blamed.

In the not too distance past, I recently was Non-Verbally Attacked by a young woman who brought a Bottle of Water to a meeting I was attending. She sat there DRINKING HER WATER & glaring at me.

It was once again sadly stunning, but not surprising that SHE would BLAME ME for all of HER DRINKING.

PEOPLE have learned to Communicate Non-Verbally. They need to learn how to STOP it.

Excerpt from my Product Page in the RDHR Store:

Itching. Scratching. Sniffling. Coughing.

All are forms of Non-Verbal Communication.

How are WOMEN Resposible for this??? We're not.

It's Misogyny.

Learn to Recognize PEOPLE as INDIVIDUALS.

Learn to Communicate with Emotional Intelligence.

Today is the start of the National Women's Conference at the University of Houston.

I am hoping to find Like-Minded Individuals with an interest in TEACHING How to Stop this.

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