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Income Inequality is a HUGE Problem for Women

When being able to afford parking for a free event is cost-prohibitive, there is a SERIOUS PROBLEM with Income Inequality for WOMEN.

#Income Inequality

Thankfully, yesterday I was able to attend one of the 5 events I signed up for. We'll see if I can managed to attend any today.

I attend one event featuring Gloria Steinem, Martha Cotera, Charlotte Bunch & Melba Tolliver, which I found to be both entertaining and informative. I found Ms Cotera to be particularly spirited & witty! :)

Ms Steinem was unable to attend in person, & joined the meeting by Webinar. I was looking forward to hearing Gloria speak in person, so this was a bit of a let down. That having been said I'm so glad I went.

One thing is clear: Equal Pay needs to be at the forefront of women's issues for our platform.

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