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Racially-Insensitive "Nothing Burger" in Politics

Racially-Insensitive Nothing Burger

While cheeseburgers may not be traditional Thanksgiving fare, it's happened again. Yesterday while watching a CNN interview with a Politician who just happened to be a black man, he had the NERVE to use the term "Nothing Burger." I nearly choked on my pie & spewed coffee all over the TV Screen.


Many TV shows, including some well-respected News programs think it is Socially-Acceptable to say the word "Bitch" on TV.

Can anyone imagine the outcry to hear the "N-Word" used so freely in public???

It was a racially-insensitive, Sexist, MISOGYNISTIC ATTACK on WOMEN at THANKSGIVING!!!!

Should the Girls be Thankful for being attacked on TV by a Black MAN at THANKSGIVING???

Emotional Intelligence is about RESPECT.

Learn to Communicate with Emotional Intelligence. Learn to respect EVERYONE.

Read "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office."

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.