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Objectifying Women on Giving Tuesday

CBS who just took action against their seasoned anchor Charlie Rose for inappropriate behavior is airing the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show tonight. Why is anyone “shocked” to wake-up to accounts of men behaving badly on a daily basis


Seriously??? Is it any wonder that our country is in crisis?

TV Executive at the highest level are CREATING A MISOGYNISTIC NIGHTMARE FOR WOMEN based on Freudian Psychology.

Sigmund Freud was NOT the only great 20th Century social thinker. Born May 6, 1856, in Příbor, Czech Republic, Freud died on September 23, 1939. It is Freudian Psychology that reduces all of human behavior to sex & toilet training, yet this is the basic operating model put into practice by most broadcast outlets.

Not being good with numbers (I took High School Algebra three times before barely passing) I opted for Logic & Philosophy for my College Math credits.

The Rules of Logic tell us that there are more than two choices in life. Applying the Rules of Logic in real-world examples sound something like this: