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Brown Family Business Since 1953

"Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office" was born of the FACT that my Grandmommy's brother OWNED a Radio Station in 1953 & served on the Board of Directors of the Associated Press.

Every family has a Personal History. What's yours?

Were your Grandparents the Butcher, the Baker or the Candlestick-Maker?

Everyone watches TV. Everyone listens to Radio. Not everyone can say that Radio IS their family business.. I can.

This world has gotten so overly-competitive that people would rather STEAL SOMEONE ELSE'S THUINDER, then expect us to be happy for them,

"Hey Lisa, they just said my name on TV. Aren't you happy for me?" No, I'm not happy: I'M WATCHING YOU STEAL FROM ME.

It is not surprising to me that that my Facebook Fundraiser fell flat on it's face, though I am very thankful for the people who did Buy my book.

The Sibling Rivalry for control of the TV remote IN MY OWN FAMILY is off the charts - while they seem to forget that my cousin is an only child. Most accurately it is HER family business & the last time I checked she isn't doing so swell these days.

Here is the Brown Family Broadcast HISTORY from my Facebook Page