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The Charismatic Great Deceiver. Is Donald Trump the Anti-Christ?

Donald Trump pulled the trigger on H.R.257 - Recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of the State of Israel Act two days ago on December 6th, & I’ve been about to burst a blood vessel ever since. His actions are so alarming that I am one of the many who believe that he is UNFIT TO BE PRESIDENT.


This newly signed Bill has it’s precedence in a 1995 Bill that managed to make it’s way through both houses of Congress, but thankfully President Bill Clinton refused to sign it. ‘‘Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995’’. https://www.congress.gov/104/plaws/publ45/PLAW-104publ45.pdf

Had I heard of this in a timely manner, I so would have had something to say on Wednesday when this happened. I was kind of busy trying to figure out how I was gonna fund keeping my website active for another year. Remember – I don’t get paid for this & I don’t know many people who can keep blogging for free.

While I am a Christian, my God I believe in in a benevolent God, the God of the New Testament that believes that Jesus died for our Soul Salvation. A God that believes in Mercy & does NOT judge others.