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Politics & Religion. Misogyny in the Church

Misogyny in the Church

Pastor John Gray announced this week that he is leaving Lakewood Church to pastor his own church in Atlanta. Watching his exuberant, gleeful happy dance, not at a Republican win, but at Hillary's personal loss is one of the main reasons I have stopped going to the church I was Baptized in.


"Pastor" John Gray's sermon the day after the 2016 Election was literally like watching him STOMP on Hillary's face. Again He was not celebrating a Republican Win - he was taking great joy in a defeat.

Lakewood Church is one of the most progressive, accepting & welcoming churches I have ever set foot in, but this RACIST DISPLAY BY JOHN GRAY was the LAST TIME I ever attended.

The entire point of Christianity is Mercy, Forgiveness & Grace. There was nothing graceful about his shameful display. It can probably still be found on Google or YouTube, but I'm not gonna grace that by including it here.

This is a prime example when I speak of "Teaching the Teachers who don't know how to teach." Who are teaching it WRONG. Who don't get it themselves.

Not gonna miss John Gray.

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