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Equal Rights Amendment

Equal Rights Amendment

As we celebrate & congratulate Alabama on the Democratic Gubernatorial victory this week, we should ask ourselves WHY was there not the same show of support for Hillary Clinton?

Is there a reason WHY this country didn't elect our 1st female President?

Reasons beyond the obvious Russian meddling, which very clearly did take place.

WHY speaks to motive. WHY speaks to intent. And while Hillary did win enough popular votes that she should have made history, the Oval Office was handed to a bully on a silver platter.


I would like to ask each individual who stayed home from the Ballot Box to look inside themselves & ask themselves why.

Historically speaking, women were seen as subservient to their husbands: their property. People as property? What???

The 19th Amendment did give women the right to vote, but the Equal Rights Amendment has not yet been passed.

As we head into the 2018 off-year elections, we need two more states to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment so we can even get it onto the ballot for the US Constitution.

Let's make this happen.

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