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Uninsured Health Insurance Agent


Today is the final day of Open Enrollment for ObamaCare for 2018 Health Insurance & once again, I am an Uninsured Insurance Agent.

Hate is a pretty strong word that is not even in my vocabulary, but there are NO WORDS for how much I HATE DONALD TRUMP.

I had to cancel my plan that I signed up for earlier this week when I found out in a hurry the difference between Premium Subsidies & Premium Tax Credits: the difference is that I can't afford coverage.

Understanding that this was on the way, I spent yesterday getting one more round of preventative vaccines & blood work so I could order 1 more year of prescription, so I'm sitting here this morning feeling very much like a pin cushion.

Elissa & Solomon should be fine. I am thinking that the state of Texas will fund C.H.I.P. & Medicaid that will cover my Daughter & Grandson.

It is people like me that are too young for Medicare (Holy Shit - I'm too young for something) & are not offered Medicaid though I do quality financially - because the state of Texas decided not to expand coverage for people like me.

So very angry about this country's failure to elect Hillary Clinton & do the right thing.

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