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Tribal Mentality Not Very Emotionally Intelligent

Emotional Intelligence is INCLUSIVE, not Exclusive. It does not create an Us/VS/Them mentality. This is one of the many problems in Bi-racial relationships: many times the INDIVIDUALS are not accepted by either race.

Madea's Christmas Reverse Racism

This may not seem like a Christmas post, but it actually VERY SADLY IS. What is particularly hurtful is when I hear American Black Women espousing Misogynistic attitudes towards White Women.

I was already thinking along these lines when I woke up this morning, sitting down to write today’s piece.

Then in doing what I thought would be a quick fact-check I found something so stunningly hurtful & BACKWARDS, it has taken a couple of hours to regain my composure, & get my Zen Buddha on to even be able to write this.


With Misogyny as my main waking thought & this being the Christmas Season, I was planning on addressing Tyler Perry’s “Madea” series. What I found was a slanderous BACKWARDS Floating Turd with MY NAME all over the credits in the same breath as the Klu Klux Klan.