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Dear Santa. All I want for Christmas is to Live

While Ebaneezer Trump was busy Grinching us all, stealing from the poor to give to the rich, all we want for Christmas is to live.

This is Solomon with his Build-A-Bear given to him by the NICU Nurses at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital while he was in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care. He is a C.H.I.P. baby

C.H.I.P. - the Children's Health Insurance Program implemented in the Clinton Administration was allowed to expire in September with no Federal Funding for the State-Sponsored Program in sight.

Calls, letters & visits from the Disability Community could not teach Ebaneezer Trump the true meaning of Christmas Past, Present & Future, as he Grinchily stole from children for gifts for the rich with his Tax Reform Bill.

So much for "putting America First." American Tax Payer Dollare are STILL being spent on the World Health Organization to pay for the medical needs in other countries while we have our own citizens dying in this country.

And this is our present - no thanks to Ebaneezer Trump.

This is our food for Solomon that he needs everyday. By prescription. With no contract providing for payments to C.H.I.P.

I've been hearing rumors that Texas has enough funds to last until February. Then what???

Politics are LIFE.

Never heard of any politicians lying?

Fund C.H.I.P. now.

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