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Income Inequality remains a tremendous problem particularly for women. Networking is the reason why. Business Owners are people - people who watch TV just like all of us.

Net Working

Today is January second. Being the first born child in my family who happened to be born in the first month of the year, I normally would not have much to say today as these NUMBERS just give me fits.

Many of my ideas & inspiration for my business & my books are born of the fact that my mother, Brenda Annette had an uncle who OWNED A RADIO STATION that he founded in the 1940s and are derivative from pieces I've written on my personal Facebook page, like the one below:

WLON Radio Station

Reality Show Cause and Effect: Living Vicariously Through the Lives of ACTORS

I had my eyes opened 20 very long years ago when I began noticing that I couldn’t turn on the TV or Radio without seeing & hearing an anchor named Lisa.

“Hey What’s This?” “What’s Going On?” And we all do it.

I still do it. The difference? I when I recognize “my quote unquote actors” I keep my feet firmly planted on the ground. I don’t internalize “my actors” to the point that I think they actually are me.

Today’s piece is about 2016 Nightmare Office #2. This man is such a pompous, delusional jerk he is totally off his rocker.

To his credit, he is a self-made millionaire & that is to be applauded. He accumulated enough wealth to purchase an ICONIC BRAND in advertising that eveyone will know.

When I accepted a position at his company, he flew all of the new salespeople in Texas to Dallas for a meet & Greet. (I have a couple friends in Dallas - this has nothing to do with them. This is about this one horrible man.)

He went on & on & on about how The Bachelor was his favorite show. He went on & on & on about Donald Trump. He went on & on & on about a REALITY SHOW NIGHTMARE - & again I wanted to cry. I wanted to run screaming from the room. And again I fired my boss.

I have in the comments below the Original Mickey Mouse song with Annette Funicello.

This man had us all stand at attention so he could teach us his company’s “National Anthem.”

It was set to the tune of the Mickey Mouse Club.

These broadcast executive need to think about the CAUSE & EFFECT of the world they are creating.

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