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The Award For Best Director Goes to...#StanleyDorfmanHeroes

Hollywood may have finally gotten the message: Women have had it with men behaving badly.

I have gone round & round & round with the "real people" in my life looking at all those cha-cha-changes with people HAIR COLOR.

There is a new person in my life - no one in the state of Texas - who is already attacking me over people's HAIR COLOR at the Golden Globe Awards.

One more time #DavidBowieWasAVillain & NOT a "hero."

The awards show presentations is what got me started reading albums credits in the first place.

My NAME is Stanley. How about you???

Bullying is awful, especially when it is done for such SUPERFICIAL Reason as someone's HAIR COLOR.

Forget Harvey Weinstein - David Bowie was LITERALLY caught with his pants down in "The Man Who Fell to Earth"


Go watch it & decide for yourself - Hero or VILLAIN???

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