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My Birthday Wish #IMPEACHDonaldTrump

As I turn 57 today, I had been hoping to give myself a 3 day weekend, including a partial Social Media detox, not seeing, hearing or reading anything about the Racist In-Chief, Donald Trump.

That man is so stunning I may never get my teeth off the floor.

He is creating a toxic cultural climate for white people that don’t live this way, act this way, think this way & are ASHAMED OF HIM as an INDIVIDUAL.

I spend most of my time online teaching all 5 people who ever read what I write about seeing, hearing & treating PEOPLE as INDIVIDUALS. Should I be ashamed of being a White Woman due to the actions of one individual racist who managed to steal the election from Hillary Clinton?

This is why I didn’t feel compelled to “Wear Black to show Solidarity” for Women’s Issues. I am a Woman – a WHITE Woman who INCLUDES EVERYONE.

Part of my current thinking is my background having been the 1st generation of children to attend racially integrated schools in Virginia, Pennsylvania & New Jersey as a young child. (We moved a lot.)

I was raised to INCLUDE EVERYONE.

My birthday is January 13th. Every year there is a LOT to do in observance of Dr Martin Luther King’s birthday which is on the 15th: MLK Day, including the Houston Marathon – a RACE.

Dr. Martin Luther King was perhaps one of the greatest teachers in American History. Does anyone think his teaching would include “racing” against anyone? Do you think he would

approve of bashing WHITE WOMEN for MLK Day? Of course not.

For this reason I will not be wearing black for the Women’s March.

I am a Woman, a White Women, who is calling for the Impeachment of Donald Trump.

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