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De-escalation Training & Dispute Resolution

Politics, Law & Legislation are written for dispute resolution when civilized people cannot resolve disputes in a civilized manner, with court being the dispute resolution method of last resort.

When our government shuts down due to it's inability to peacefully resolve disputes, there is something terribly wrong with the entire system.

Yesterday, I attended the monthly meeting of the Texas Democratic Women, which I intend to join when I finish posting this blog post.

I met several candidates on the Primary Ballot for the Democratic Primary. Most of them are running for Judicial Positions of all kinds: Civil Court, Family Court, Appeals Court & so on. Many of them I've met on the campaign trail in 2017 attending many of the same events I also attended.

The main thing that strikes me is their motivation for running - their ability to be fair, not prejudging people & situations before hearing all of the facts.

It also occurs to me that the main person who needs DE-ESCALATING TRAINING in how to peacefully resolve disputes is the #ApprenticePresident.

A person who can be baited by a Tweet on Twitter is unfit to hold the highest office in our land.

I recently volunteered to be an "Event Marshal" for a day at the Women's March. Does that mean I now have a "lifetime appointment to exact a Citizen's Arrest on people?" NO. Of course not.

I helped out for a day & now that is that. Finished.

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