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1st Amendment. ABC Disney's Major Tom Channel: Normalizing Obscenity

I just can hardly stand to sit here & watch ABC Disney continue to IDOLIZE that frightening freak of nature that was DAVID BOWIE.

Again today they ended World News with David Muir with another story about the SpaceEx Launch yesterday while blasting David Bowie's "Space Oddity" across the country.

David Bowie was an INCREDIBLY SICK person & ABC Disney needs to LOSE THEIR BROADCAST LICENSE for airing this TRASH.

Originally posted January 5, 2018,

Stunning that ABC Disney ended Good Morning America with a pending documentary about David Bowie, with a mention to "The Man Who Fell to Earth."

With the outcry in Hollywood over Harvey Weinstein & #ABCDisneysFakeShock over the #RapeCulture THEY HAVE CREATED on "The Bachelor," I will stand here in this moment & once again call out #MickeyRat & the #RatChannelABC for the irresponsible corporate citizens that they are.

David Bowie was NO HERO - he was a VILLAIN.

"The Man Who Fell to Earth" is filthy disgusting SLASHER-PORN with Full Frontal Nudity of David Bowie's shriveled up-disease-ridden DEADLY PENIS while he is playing with a GUN:

SLASHER PORN depicting Rape & Murder.

Since 1968, "Major Tom" has been singing about "something being wrong with dead people."

Major Tom on the Rat Channel

There was something incredibly wrong with Major Tom - a truly SICK & deranged person showing his penis to the entire world in a ":rape & murder" slasher-porn obscene NIGHTMARE.

To sit here this morning watching him being described as "Iconic" everything in me wanted to scream, yeah "Iconically SICK" "Iconically Perverted," "Iconically Disturbing."

The 1st Amendment does afford US Citizens the right to Free Speech, but there are limitations to those freedoms - including OBSCENITY, which is NOT a constitutionally protected right as seen below:


Does freedom of speech include the right to disseminate or view obscene material? The Supreme Court's consistent position has been that "obscenity is not within the area of constitutionally protected speech or press"Roth v. United States, 354 U.S. 476 (1957)). Nevertheless, there has been substantial discussion about empirical evidence justifying this conclusion.


Freedom of Speech

The Founding Fathers were intimately familiar with government suppression of political speech. Prior tothe American Revolution, the Crown imprisoned, pilloried, mutilated, exiled, and even killed men andwomen who belonged to minority political parties in England, in order to extinguish dissenting views.Many of these dissenters left England in search of more freedom in the New World, where they insteadfound colonial governments that stifled political dissidence with similar fervor. Maryland, for example,passed a law prohibiting "all speeches, practices and attempts relating to [the British Crown], that shallbe thought mutinous and seditious," and provided punishments that included whipping, branding, fines,imprisonment, Banishment, and death. The Free Speech Clause of the Constitution was drafted toprotect such political dissenters from a similar fate in the newly founded United States.

In light of this background, the U.S. Supreme Court has afforded dissident political speech unparalleledconstitutional protection. However, all speech is not equal under the First Amendment. The high courthas identified five areas of expression that the government may legitimately restrictunder certaincircumstances. These areas are speech that incites illegal activity and subversive speech, fightingwords, Obscenity and Pornography, commercial speech, and symbolic expression.

David Bowie's full-frontal nudity is obscene enough on its' face, but with the additional insult to injury of depicting his penis with a gun - inciting VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN.

What the RATS on the Rat Channel are doing is protecting the perpetrator & blaming the victim. This is why women who have been VICTIMS of sexual assault, sexual harassment, or rape are TERRIFIED to come forward: Victim-blaming & Scorched-earth SLANDER.

ABC Disney needs to lose their broadcast license & sold to responsible people who won't enable the Harvey Weinsteins of the world.

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