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REAL News. FAKE President

Originally posted in 2017, in the wake of YET ANOTHER senseless school shooting, I decided to take another swing at the #ApprenticePresident & the Entertainment Industry that ENABLED him to steal the election from Hillary Clinton.

The #FakePresident's statement on the Parkland High School shooting didn't make mention of #GunControl at all - nothing.

Everything about this is so upsetting, I've gotta go offline again for a while. I was hoping to have a Social Media detox for a while but current events keep dragging me back in.

Outside the Associated Press Times Square NYC 2001

My inspiration for "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office" was really born of the fact that Broadcast is my family business.

It is a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional look at the Sociological effects of Broadcast in Communications, in Politics, in Health Care & in the daily lives of all of us.

It is an honest look at what I deem to be a FAKE PRESIDENT causing problems with the REAL NEWS MEDIA. In my opinion, his "quote unquote base" of supporters are people who "really watch too much TV" & voted for a cartoon character.