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Sacrificial Giving, Volunteerism & the Church

Speaking truth to power is uncomfortable but necessary in these questioning times in American History. Just like the NRA won't like Americans' legitimate concern that their industry, their product that they sell to the American Public KILLS PEOPLE, organized Religion won't like my thoughts on their Industry.

Whatever happened to Separation of Church & State when people turn on the Church Channel & Governor Huckabee has his own show???

While I am a life long Christian, I also listen to dissenting points of view of others, even when I disagree but I have never watched this show not once ever. I was OUTRAGED to see this & could not change the channel fast enough.

Did the Trump Administration re-think the Tax-Exempt status of Churches when he wrote that scam of a Tax Bill of his??? Probably not.

Ya think this could be a massive source of untapped revenue for this country??? That's what I think.

In an effort to not watch traditional trash-TV such as Soap Operas, such as Crime Shows, such as Game Shows many, many, many years ago, I began watching Documentaries of all kinds where I could find them, including on the Church Channel.

There are still a couple shows I do watch on TBN that seek to put current events in Biblical perspective with respect to Armageddon: The Hal Lindsey Report & End Times Ministry with Irvin Baxter.

Frequently I disagree with the conclusions they reach, but I do agree with the underlying principles: man will eventually blow the joint up if we don't do something. Increasingly, their analysis makes no attempt to hide the fact that they are "Trumpeteers."

Virtually every one of these Televangelists have Tax-Exempt Status - they pay ZERO TAXES.

They all hire very few actual employees with a paycheck, depending on Volunteer Workers - "modern-day Slave Labor."

They all go on "Mission Trips" to foreign countries. This year it's very much in vogue for the Mega Churches to go to Israel.

Are you sitting there telling us you want the American people to fund your vacation, volunteer to be your slave labor and turn a blind eye to the fact that Organized Religion PAYS NO TAXES???

AMERICANS ARE DYING . Mega-Churches have plenty of Mission Work that can be done IN THIS COUNTRY.

So thoroughly DISGUSTED with the church right now.

Christian TV is FREE Political Advertising. #ChurchesShouldPayTaxes #SarationOfChurchAndState #MadamPresident?

Bullying is a Problem in America. Like my ideas? Seeking Corporate Sponsors, Corporate Partners & Like-Minded Individuals to find REAL SOLUTIONS to massive problems like how to Balance the Federal Budget & Pay for HEALTHCARE. I'm not building a CHURCH asking for a 10% TAX FREE Donation of your hard-earned Dollars. Join me Here for more information or to give to a worthy-cause: to End Bullying.

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