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Stan Stanart, Harris County Clerk Called for Election Violation

Day 3 of Early Voting saw several of those 9 Republican Congressional Candidates going at it with each other in the bid to replace the retiring Ted Poe.

Most of the back & forth has been friendly, good-natured ribbing about whose candidate was "goin down," but yesterday the gloves came off.

Poll Workers have a 100-foot Rule, so Campaign Personnel don't chase after Voters in the Parking Lot.

The Trini Mendenhall location at 1414 Wirt Rd has a large grassy median in the middle of the road, so in an effort to make sure my candidate's signs were seen in an uncontested manner & well within compliance of the 100-foot rule, I literally stood in the middle of the road in the freezing cold rain holding my signs.

Several Republican Opponents all vying for Ted Poe's Congressional Seat have been there everyday since Tuesday, & when this box truck sporting it's ginormous billboards rolled right up to the front door, I thought one of her opponent's worker would burst a blood vessel. He took off, sprinting across the parking lot video-typing the whole thing, & ran inside to notify the Election Judge.

There was some question as to whose jurisdiction the official filing should come from, but the Constable was called, as this type of violation is actually a Class C Misdemeanor.

The Candidate herself voted at this location the day before & it was said that stumped for votes standing in one of the handicapped spaces - you guessed it - right by the front door.

I can't testify to this as I was once again standing in the median holding my signs, but I was very well aware when she got there.

(More later. I gotta get out the door & support my DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE, Penny Shaw for Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 4)

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