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Day Four of Voting With the Birdies

Yesterday was much more calm & subdued than earlier this week out on the campaign trail with Early Voting, plus the weather decided to cooperate with us which was good. Penny Shaw for Harris County Commissioner Precinct 4 is the right candidate for the job because she TRULY CARES for ALL OF US - not just some of us, but all of us.

I first met Penny Shaw at the Women's March & I've been following & campaigning on her behalf ever since. Highly qualified, credentialed & humble, she has set aside time during her campaign rally tomorrow in support of Gun Control in honor of the victims of the Parkland Shooting. Facebook Event Link

In the current cultural climate we now find ourselves in - have tragically been in for YEARS NOW with the uniquely American phenomenon of Mass Shootings, I thought I would relate A Day in the Life of a Campaign worker at Trini Mendenhall. I'ts been exciting to say the least.

Normally very calm, cool & collected in public places, these days with the News of Gun Control, Gun Violence, Mass Killings, Gun Violence Rallies & a rabid 2nd Amendment advocate heavily campaigning in this location, I am hyper-sensitive to the SOUND of gun shots (like anyone else would be in these trying times.)

One of the business owners in the shopping center across the street from Trini Mendenhall had had just about enough of the congregation of pigeons & grackles & took it upon themselves to do something about it.

Just imagine. 9am in the morning, standing outside in the cold rainy drizzle, when all of sudden out of nowhere




What was THAT??? .....There it is AGAIN! ..... And again.

I nearly needed to change my pants - it SCARED THE BEJEBEEBIES OUT OF ME.

After much speculation with my fellow campaign workers we figured out that it was one of these: an Ultrasonic Motion-Activated Electronic Scarecrow, like those sometimes used on farms to protect crops from being eaten by the critters.

Plus - wait for it - we've got THIS Candidate running around out there:

Now that we all know what that SOUND is, I'm a little less jumpy when I hear it, but honestly???


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