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Why Background Checks Are Not Enough. PTSD in Veterans

UPDATE. Yesterday's whiplash of a good news/bad news day saw a victory on the east coast, a tragedy on the west coast & a setback on the east coast with respect to Gun Control.

While Florida Governor Rick Scott was signing a compromise Gun Control Bill that increases the legal age to buy a gun to 21, implements a waiting period, & bans the sale of bump stocks with additional provisions (see full text of bill below.) California had a SWAT situation at a Napa Valley Veterans home that ended with four people dead including the shooter - then back to Florida where the NRA filed suit against the state, claiming the new law is Unconstitutional.


The shooter in the California tragedy, a Veteran himself had been a patient in their PTSD Program for returning veterans of foreign wars returning home with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD.

This brings me back to the race to fill Houston's 2nd Congressional District seat being vacated by retiring Congressman Ted Poe.

While Todd Litton easily won the Democratic Primary, winning the right to run against the Republican challenger, the Republicans are heading to a run-off between Kevin Roberts & Dan Crenshaw, both of whom I met out at the polls.

The question of PTSD in Veterans is the exact question I asked of Crenshaw in the post below. I was less-than-enthused in his response: "the Military has programs for that."

Well, OK.

Yesterday's incident in California was at a Veteran's Home, committed by a Patient in a PTSD Program with his Psychiatrist being among the dead.