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"Taking the Dis Out of Disability with Emotional Intelligence." Because Every Life is a

UPDATE. In honor of my Grandson's 3rd birthday today, I thought I would re-post this again in keeping with the Health Care theme. ALL INSURANCE is a question of quality of Life, to protect us from a potentially bankrupting health crisis. I have been helping to protect the financial well-being of people for 12 years. Now I find myself Grandmother of a C.H.I.P. baby on Prescription FOOD.

Healthcare Funding in this country has never been as personal as it is now.


Happy Birthday Solomon <3


I was first sponsored by a Life Insurance Company to get into the Insurance industry in 2006 for very personal reasons: saving the life of a family member. I had learned so much from the patient side, I thought “Why not get licensed?” I have been going BANKRUPT trying to do this ever since.

When my sponsor packed his things & left Houston, I thought “Medicare – that’s what I will do. Medicare.” So I spent five years starving to death trying to do Medicare at a Private Insurance Company with a government contract to provide Medicare coverage to senior citizens.


Agents get solicited for recruitment all the time. Before long, I was recruited by a private insurance company that does Employee Benefits, so I thought, "Ok, there's not a lot of caring in Medicare, let's try this."