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Philosophy of Social Media & Broadcast

Technology has leveled the playing field between Desktop Publishing & traditional News outlets. Now anyone with an opinion & Internet access can be a publisher, particularly with TV Stations imploring us on a daily basis to "Join the Conversation" & highlighting screenshots of people's Twitter Tweets & Facebook posts on the 6pm News.

No wonder Bullying has become a National Epidemic.

Those of us with a Degree in Journalism were required to have training in Libel Law, while the average citizen "joining the conversation" on Facebook generally doesn't think twice about the words coming out of their mouth. People don't think about the unintended consequences of the things they post - & things can get viscous out there.

Don't think I'm right?

Think about the #ApprenticePresident with his "cutsie nicknames" for virtually everyone, such as #LyinTedCruz.

Now think about those in his quote/unquote "base" who turned a blind eye to this Bullying Behavior & voted for a TV Character who had 8 years worth of "Name Recognition."

Who knows what will happen with Facebook.

The real question is what do we do about TV???

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