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Remembering Her Humor & Grace

Wife of one & Mother of another US President, Barbara Bush brought dignity to the White House with humor & grace.

It has been said that she retained her good-natured sense of humor all the way to the end.

If she's anything like my mom, I know she would want her family, friends & loved ones to remember the good times. That's how we handled the death of my mother - with her, reminiscing about the good times with humor & grace.

Mom also had a self-depricating sense of humor - with an ability to laugh at herself. So when we laugh, we laugh with each other, NOT AT each other.

In that spirit of looking back at the good times, I had to indulge this look back at her son George W Bush, President 43 at the the Inauguration of Donald Trump.

I find this so endearing I can't stop cracking up & I think it would make her smile too. Now if I can stop crying about the outcome of the 2016 Election.

Son Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida & Presidential Candidate will deliver the Eulogy at his Mother's Funeral today at St. Martin's Church here in Houston.

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