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Balancing a Good News Bad News Day

Living vicariously through the lives of TV actors is part of how this country "elected" a Cartoon Character to the highest office in our land.

Yesterday 10 people lost their lives in yet another high school shooting at Santa Fe High.

Today is a Royal Wedding at Windsor Castle with the British Royal family.

Honestly, people need lessons on how to watch TV.

We cannot internalize the images we see, to the point that we think we actually ARE our Actors.

This is EXACTLY HOW the #ApprenticePresident managed to STEAL the Election from Hillary Clinton - members of the viewing public playing video games with the TV.

When we turn on the TV & see something good, like the presentation of the Heisman Trophy, for example, we are ecstatic, elated & claim credit for ourselves.

When it is devastating violence, murder or a national tragedy, people "shuffle-off to Buffalo whistling Dixie," saying "Not Me."

What if a national tragedy coincides with one of the happiest moments of your life???

For example, my father's birthday is September 11 - 911. Should he ever be able to find joy on his Birthday???

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