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Are You OK? You've Been Shot in the Head

Moral Standards in the US are under attack by our own Constitutionally-protected 1st Amendment "right to Free Speech" & have given rise to Gun Violence, Bullying & frightening headlines we see and hear everyday.

The court case, "The People VS Larry Flint" (later glorified in a Hollywood movie) set the standard - or lack there of - of what is Obscene, and is Obscenity federally protected speech under the First Amendment.

Constitutional Law is written to control behavior when people cannot or will not control themselves. This entire country is out of control.

This weekend, was both joyful & frighteningly tragic: a Royal wedding in Windsor & 10 school kids SHOT & KILLED at Santa Fe High School just outside of Houston.

7 Years in Tibet may not have been my first thought this morning until I saw THIS on Social Media:

Even if this was a case of Domestic Violence against a spurned lover, how does it make sense to "take it out on others?"

Listening to David Bowie's "7 Year in Tibet" at first blush is incredibly steamy, sultry, hot & sexy - until you realized this EPITOMIZES DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

Are these the Constitutionally-Protected Moral Values we stand for???

This is a wake-up call & a Call to Action.

Our ENTIRE CONSTITUTION needs a massive, major overhaul.

Free Speech has gone TOO FAR.

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