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Remembering The Bachelor for Memorial Day. ABC: Destroying Lives for Profit

In 2001 ABC Held auditions for their new reality show on NASA RD One. I was in the audience. 17 years later, they are STILL DESTROYING LIVES FOR PROFIT.

UPDATE: The viewing public watching TV can NOT live vicariously through actors. There was recently a Royal Wedding in London. How many people reading this think they just "karaoke said 'I Do' to a Prince?"

ABC Disney is gonna love me pointing out once again that they are the worst corporate citizen on the planet, objectifying women this way then they are "shocked" at the state of our culture.

the Bachelor

Beginning with the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena this morning, then culminating in tonight's prime time search for a wife for "The Bachelor," is CAUSING this.

I was in the audience in person when they brought their dog & pony show to the Seabrook Beach Club on NASA Rd One in Houston for the audition of the Season One debut in 2001.

Beyond objectifying women, what MISOGYNISTIC nightmare are they creating for women by holding "The Parade of Roses" in Pasadena???

One more time, women are NOT doing this - this is BEING DONE TO US.

Let's pass the Equal Rights Amendment this year.

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