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HollyWeird & the Inexplicable Rise of Donald Trump

UPDATE: Reality Shows have forever altered life on Planet Earth & not in a good way. This is how the #ApprenticePresident managed to steal the Election from Hillary Clinton - people playing video games with TV Reality Shows.

Bullies by definition have ZERO Emotional Intelligence: treating others as we would like to be treated. The truly disturbing thing about Donald Trump is not who one man is – it is the FACT that there are millions of others that think the same way. TV has created a “Bully Culture” that condone his bad behavior. Every Social issue that people are protesting could have been prevented by voting for Hillary Clinton. #AmericaLetHillaryClintonDown

the Inexplicable Rise of Donald Trump

Below is something I wrote on my personal Facebook page during the Presidential Campaign last year.

HollyWeird & the Inexplicable Rise of Donald Trump


Yesterday’s Emmy Awards was the same stunning disgrace that I have been an outspoken critic of for years - so much so I only watched as much as I could stomach before I changed the channel.

All across the country this morning, there will be millions & millions & millions of citizens racing to their respective offices to attend their Monday Morning Meetings, glowing in the aftermath “Yes, I’d like to Thank the Academy.”

But that’s Not REAL. It’s a Reality Show Nightmare.

If anyone has any doubt, I would welcome them to do like I do & go check your bank account. If yours is anything like mine, it’s likely hemorrhaging money. Now there’s a Reality Check.

In the past 10 years, I have worked for some of the most white-collar, straight-laced, buttoned-up Major Corporations that you would never expect to act this way, but they do. And it’s getting worse.

This year’s Spring Training at one of my Insurance Companies was SO STUNNING, I have decided to sit this year out.

Their entire training, including their printed material was focused around David Bowie. It was a stunning train wreck. There was almost no information about the plans being offered, the services offered or the coverage provided - almost nothing.

We played David Bowie Bingo - yes BINGO using Sweet-Tarts and M&Ms for the board pieces.

It was stunning.

My heart bleeds for what is going on in this country.

I think I will turn the thing off now & get to work.

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