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We Cannot Fix Racism with MISOGYNY: SB4 Written by a MAN

Senate Bill 4, the so-called Sanctuary Cities Bill that rips families apart by deporting Illegal Immigrants - as cruel & inhumane as it is - is CAUSING Gender-based prejudice against women.

If anyone wants to know the name of the ASSHOLE who wrote this turd of a Bill, click the link below:


There are not one, but two planned marches in Houston this week to protest the deportations being enforced by the Sanctuary Cities Bill: one today on May 31st & another one on Friday, June 1st.

Thankfully, the organizers of the Marches both seem to be able to COUNT at "posting time." I still have a couple friends who seem to think that 10:48 in the morning is an acceptable TIME to share these events.

10:48. 10:48. 10:48, really???

Shouldn't that TIME be 10:47 in the morning???