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Celebrity, Suicide & the #ApprenticePresident Watching Big Brother

Celebrity Chef, Author & TV Personality Anthony Bourdain is the 2nd high-profile death by Suicide this week, just days after Fashion Designer Kate Spade took her own life.

You never know who may be struggling with Panic, Anxiety, Depression or Suicidal Thoughts, when clearly Money, Fame & Fortune cannot buy you Happiness.

The #ApprenticePresident is CLEARLY OBSESSED with electronic surveillance - as is his "quote/unquote" base due to his 8 years hosting his own Reality Show & his viewers adopting his Obsession with what he has dubbed Spy Gate.

The Reality Show phenomenon has created an entire sub-culture of viewers who are terrified to turn the TV OFF, terrified to keep it on & are as completely obsessed, angry & pissed off as he is.

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