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The #ApprenticePresident in Singapore

While I don't find stigmatizing language to be productive, the #ApprenticePresident is completely off his rocker. Meeting with the North Korean Dictator today in Singapore, the #ApprenticePresident is staying at the Shangril La Hotel where we lived for 3 months in 1979 while looking for a place to live.

The two biggest BULLIES on the planet, both with their itchy-trigger finger on the Nuclear Button & both completely unhinged are about to meet face to face.

At a time when Emotional Wellness & Mental Health issues are PLAGUING our world that we all share, the Political brinkmanship on the World Stage is alarming to say the least.

I believe both men have a Napoleon Complex to begin with, hurling threats & insults at each other since the #ApprenticePresident took office.

He appears to be a Pathological Liar, having been caught time & time again spewing lies that are Verifiably False.

The #ApprenticePresident also has an OBSESSION with being under surveillance, as evidenced by what he has dubbed "SPY GATE."

This last point with his Obsession with being Watched is interesting as he has been on both sides of the Television Camera. As a TV Character, of course he's being watched: it's what he signed up for.

This is what, in large part, has solidified his "quote/unquote base"

Could this be the explanation behind the recent spate of "celebrity" suicides? Cracking under the pressure of Big Brother watching???


What can we as a Society do to fix this???

For starters, I think I will turn the TV OFF & get ready for work.

Emotional Intelligence, Bullying, Donald Trump

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